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How Do I Choose My Cull Cows?

In the event that you haven’t just weaned your spring conceived calves yet, you likely will be soon. This additionally implies that you will be viewing at winnowing a few cows also, yet how would you choose who goes and who stays?

This is the place where you the executives programming truly proves to be useful. The primary activity is get every one of your calves weaning loads went into the product. Presently it makes it simpler to think about creatures. This is additionally when knowing your expense of creation (COP) is significant. On the off chance that you have just sold your calves, utilize the income number that they got. If not utilize the current normal market cost in your general vicinity, and gauge the income on your calves.

When you know how much income every calf delivered, or should create, you can hope to check whether any cow delivered a calf that brought less cash than your COP. Any cow that created an unbeneficial calf should go on your winnow list. The solitary special case for that is your first calf calves. In the event that they were near producing a benefit you may consider giving them one more opportunity.

One other constraint to this cycle is decreased pay from arranging. In the event that your cow created a huge calf, however is docked at market for something, for example, frozen ears or tails, something not identified with the cow herself, I would keep her off the rundown.

Utilizing the product I would likewise take a gander at a treatment history. In the event that there are any cows on the rundown with numerous medicines in the year I would prescribe adding them to the separate rundown also. On the off chance that you are treating them on different occasions they are a period channel on you just as a productivity squanderer.

At the point when you are picking your winnow cows it’s additionally a decent an ideal opportunity to pick your substitution yearlings. Utilizing a similar strategy for picking separate cows, take a gander at the cows that delivered the biggest calves this year. On the off chance that you plan on holding back 10 substitution calves pull your 20 greatest ones. At that point go into the pen and outwardly pick your 10 decisions. By doing it this way you are joining financial and individual choices. You actually will pick a decent looking calf however one that has come from a productive mother.

Whenever you have been following this information for a couple of years this strategy gets more precise. You begin assembling a calf history for each cow. You can begin selecting those steady beneficial cows and begin assembling a quality group. Before long you may begin thinking that its elusive an awful cow in the crowd. Since raising substitutions has an expense, there might be a chance to decrease the quantity of substitution yearlings required and set aside you some cash.

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